Our services


For total peace of mind.

We handle all the steps of your interior painting project.

1. Consulting and planning service

During our first meeting, our operator will be able to advise you on the type of paint to use depending on the lighting and use of the room. An interior decorator service is available to choose your colors.

2.  Site protection

We cover and protect your furniture, floors and all your belongings.

3. Plaster and gasket pulling

Repair of walls, plastering and sandblasting.

4. Preparation, cleaning and checking of surfaces to be painted

Small remaining imperfections are filled and sanded to ensure a perfect surface ready to paint, the walls are thoroughly cleaned to remove any foreign substance on the surface to be painted.

5. Application of primer and paint

The paint is applied by our professional painters with high quality equipment.

6.  Inspection of work with the client and cleaning

A thorough inspection is carried out in your company to ensure your complete satisfaction. At the very end of the project, cleaning will be done to leave the premises in an impeccable condition.